Friday, January 10, 2014

Mixing Herds

Had a great day with my horses today. I currently have 6 horses; 2 domestics geldings(neutered males) and 2 semi-tame mustang mares and 2 pretty wild mustang geldings. I had successfully introduced the 2 mustang geldings to my 2 domestic geldings and Dream Catcher; my mustang mare. Every thing was great.

So what do I do??
I introduce Asha the other mustang mare and put her in with the two mustang geldings on Thursday afternoon. This did not go so well and my sweet little paint mustang Chief got pretty beat up by Apache-my "still think I am a stallion" mustang. So poor Chief gets seperated on Friday and Apache spends two days with just Asha and things are good.

So what do I do??
I decide to turn Asha out with RC, Gino and Dream Catcher and everything is great. Chief gets turned out with Kat's(the other trainer) herd of 5 mixed mustangs and domestics who are friendly with everyone and Apache is in a pen by himself. Everyone is happy except for little macho Apache.

So what do I do??
I decide to turn Apache out with RC,Gino, Dream Catcher and Asha. He looks right pass Asha and goes trotting out towards Gino looking like he is ready to fight!!! Asha and I go trotting out after him as he comes up to Gino, they smell each other and then he sees RC and Dream Catcher across the pasture runs towards them with Gino, Asha and I trotting behind him( I am getting really good at trotting!) They greet each other and all go running off as a herd-WHEW!!!! Harmony restored in the he herd.

So what do I do??
I thanks GOD for the amazing journey I am on with domestic horses and wild mustangs and learning so much about how different the two are and how they are learning to become a communty.

I ponder while cleaning stalls and the herds are happy, how what I am seeing here reflects that of human relationships and introductions into new groups.

For example kids in school and how they have their friends and then they are put into classes and the whole ackwardness of being with stranges, even though you have seen them around. Now you are enclosed in a classroom forced to be in each other personal space-you know that area around each of us-that when some enter into it we feel good and when others do we are extremely uncomfortable.

The same thing happens in our work environment or our social arena. How do we adjust and explore and communicate our feelings? Watching the dynamics of these horses playing out is nothing short of amazing and then I add my energy into the mix. Each one has their owne unique relationship with me and I can see and feel a huge shift in the whole experience when I step into their gathering.

They all come to me and want my attention and in order for me to be viewed as the leader, I have to be aware at all times what each is doing and where they are in relation to me and each other and be prepared to respond appropriately when one decides to try and push the other out of the way.

I am learning so much about horses and humans just by spending the day with my little herd of mixed backgrounds and social experiences.