Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RC's journey day 2

Today was RC"s second day of training. It was a very windy day and on my way to Heidi Wangler's ranch I wondered if Matt would cancel the lesson.When I arrived RC was pretty high spirited and I caught myself thinking about the fact that wind is a common contributor to horse back riding accidents and was sure the lesson would be cancelled.

Matt arrived and he took RC in the round pen and played with him on the 12' line to see what horse was showing up this morning. RC wanted to play and so they did online and at liberty. After RC let go of some extra energy and was signed on with Matt the schooling began.

Matt explained to me that many people choose to not do much with their horses in the wind and by doing so actually deprive them of a opportunity to learn something new. To discover new noises and sensations and to gain the confidence in themselves that everything is okay. Then he and RC showed me what he meant. RC got to experience playing with Matt in the same round pen as he did yesterday however there was things blowing around in the distance and an occasional new nosie and when he spooked, Matt took the time to encourage him to go check it out. Giving RC the time and the guidance to face the unknown and get comfortable with it all.

Next came time to saddle and ride in the wind. Not only did he ride in the wind, he trotted, cantered and changed directions many many times. Learning how to stop, back up. Standing calmly checking out everything very relaxed and confident.

Matt explained as long as his hat stayed on his head it wasn't too windy to work with RC. Then about a hour and half into the lesson Matt's hat blew off and over the top of RC's head and out into the pasture. RC flinched a little as this big black hat came flying over his head from behind, then stood quietly with Matt on top of his back, watching it fly away as if to say: WOW look at it go, isn't that interesting?!

A few more times around the pen and Matt called it a day, after all his hat flew off, RC stayed calm and collected, what more could anyone want from a colt on his second day of school?!

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